Presenter: Kate Spencer

This session is about creating a better government website without having huge startup costs and development time. Using Joomla! Travis County developed an architecture that can easily be applied to other government or non-profit sites. This foundation will provide you with a highly extensible CMS that is responsive, flexible, affordable, and user friendly.

In developing our information architecture and researching best practices from award winning government websites, we noticed a lot of uniformity. This allowed us to develop a county architecture that was comprehensive, along with a flexible design template that can provide a consistent user experience.

Learn how easy it is to empower yourself to make government better, how to get buy-in from management, dealing with pitfalls, and what we learned as we rolled out our new website.

Key Takeaways
- Web redesign can be affordable without sacrificing quality.
- Empower yourself to provide better services, own the content, free up resources for better user engagement.
- Good enough is sometimes better than great especially when it is consistent and easy to use.