Alan currently devotes most of his time to Mautic, the first free and open source marketing automation software. As one of the founding engineers, Alan has been with Mautic since it's first line of code and has seen it "grow up" to be a real competitor to the "big guys" in marketing. Mautic is growing in adoption and currently used by companies of all "shapes and sizes."

Before Mautic, he spent his days working as a registered nurse and nights building websites and PHP applications. He's quite introverted but loves diversity, travel, and people watching. These days when he's not programming, he's listening to audio books or spending time with his wife and four small children; two human and two miniature schnauzers.


Marketing Automation: Free Your Marketing

Danielo Rojas graduated American Intercontinental University with a BA in Marketing. Since then he’s worked with various start-ups utilizing Joomla CMS. He is currently Director of Web Development for Network In Action International.
Visit texasdesignduo.com. to learn more.


Gamification: How to build fully gamified social network with Joomla! CMS


Doug Deitel is the President of Synaptic Web Co. Since 2011 Synaptic Web has specialized in Joomla! website hosting and management with an emphasis on site security and performance optimization. Synaptic provides a complete suite of services to improve, optimize and secure your Joomla! website. Whether you need a new site, need to upgrade an older site, or want to ensure your current site is performing to its full potential, Synaptic Web has a program that's right for you. Visit http://www.synapticweb.co and follow us on twitter @synapticwebco.


Admin Tools with Rodger Fields

Hugh has been a software developer and network administrator for 35 years. He cut his teeth writing military avionics in the 80's, before moving on to learn user interface design with the Xerox Corporation, including a stint at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), the lab that pioneered the windowed graphical user interface. He started one of the first regional ISPs (Internet Service Providers) in the US in 1992, and spent a decade building and administering large provider networks. In 2009 he teamed up with Rob Clayburn to help author and support the Fabrik application builder extension for Joomla!, where he remains to this day. Visit fabrikar.com to learn more.


Building with Fabrik 


Kate Spencer joined Travis County in 2012 as a webmaster. She has worked in technology and communications for the past decade. Kate is a sixth generation Texan and received her B.A. from Trinity University. She’s a Joomla! evangelist, an extreme dairy enthusiast, and a walking meeting devotee.


DIY Government Redesign Revolution


Mike "Demo" Demopoulos is the Treasurer for Open Source Matters and the co-oraganizer for JoomlaDay Minnesota. He is also a member of the Joomla Finance and WorldConference teams. Currently Mike travels the world as an evangelist for Joomla, inMotion Hosting and BoldGrid. Visit Mike's Joomla Volunteer Profile to learn more.

Mike will be delivering our keynote: 2 Sides of the Same Coin


Everything You Wanted To Know About Joomla (But Were Afraid To Ask)

45 Joomla Tips in 45 Minutes


Robbie, the CEO of Media A-team since 2002, specializes in marketing and media strategies and provides training, one-on-one or in groups, to clients. In 2005, she began migrating Mambo clients to the breakaway, Joomla!, and has developed hundreds of websites using the Joomla! platform over the years. Utilizing Fabrik in Joomla! has given her the flexibility to develop custom solutions for clients. Visit mediaateam.com or robbieadair.com to learn more.

Joomla! 3 Certified Administrator

Robbie is a Certified Joomla! Administrator.


What's on Your Menu(s)?

Building with Fabrik Part 1 with Hugh Messenger


Rodger has been building computer applications and databases since 1986. For the last 26 years (until 2012), he has worked for Exxon (later ExxonMobil) building applications and databases that ranged from single-user to global enterprise. For the last half of that career, he has acted as a senior global consultant on data modeling and data architecture. Upon retirement, Rodger began exploring technologies which he hadn't had the opportunity to work with, and Joomla quickly became a central interest. While he's definitely a Joomla newbie, he is enthusiastic about Joomla's potential and committed to working to establish a vibrant Joomla community in the Houston metropolitan area.


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